Restructuring of Statkraft SCA Vind AB

Wigge & Partners advised SCA Forest Products AB on the restructuring of its cooperation with Statkraft regarding wind power.

Through the restructuring Statkraft will be the sole owner of the company Statkraft SCA Vind AB (SSVAB) and SCA will be remunerated for its lease of land. The restructuring agreement optimises the structure and the roles in the collaboration. SSVAB was established by Statkraft and SCA in 2007 with the purpose to develop wind power on land owned by SCA in the Norrland region, in northern Sweden. SSVAB has built four wind farms, totalling 186 wind turbines and 1.6 TWh in annual production. Statkraft owns 60 per cent of the company and SCA the remaining 40 per cent.